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PTFE gasket tape

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethyene) is a fluorocarbon polymers. The chemical structure of PTFE has the hydrogen atoms of polyethylene completely displaced by fluorine atoms to form a high molecule. This is a very stable structure. That is why PTFE is a polymer that never age.

PTFE is a superior sealing material. It is clean and non-sticking, you can use it for food industry. It can work up to 260 C. It can work at PH 0-14. it can be processed into film, block or any shape. It has a low coefficient of friction and lubrication is not always necessary. PTFE can work together with other materials like fiberglass or copper to get a better mechanical property. When PTFE is expanded properly, the fiber changes from hair-like structure to a web-like structure and become much more stronger while it is much lighter.

PTFE is also a young material. Until today SinoSeal and its team has been probing into this new product and you can definitely expect progress in this field.

Polytetrafluoroethyene gasket tape

[ Features ]
PTFE gasket tape is a kind of dynamic seal. It is produced by braiding together continuous tape of expanded PTFE.It has folowing qualities:
Extremely low coefficient of friction
Non abrasion
Excellent sealability
Outstanding chemical resistance
Does not hydrolyze
Does not harden
[ Main properties ]




Tensile strength(min)



Ultimate elongation(min)



[ Applications ]
PTFE gasket tape can tape can be used in virtually all types of sealing applications throughout industry.


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